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The Technique of Play Writing
The dramatists of the time of Elizabeth brought the poetry and wit of the drama to a high state of perfection. Yet the modern dramatist who desires success need not hope to find the key to it by a study of older dramatists.

Essentials of Play Writing 2
Experience has taught the practical playwright that the only way in which he can hope to construct a good play is by determining definitely, before beginning to write at all, the ending of the play and how that end is to be achieved.

How to Write a Play by Emile Augier
Emile Augier responds to a question on writing comedy for theater

How to Write a Play by Alexander Dumas Fils
Instruction on the art of playwriting by the son of the more famous Alexander Dumas

How to Write a Play by Edmond Gondinet
Edmond Gondinet discusses how to write a play.

How to Write a Play by Edouard Pailleron
douard Pailleron writes at length about playwriting while claiming to know nothing about it.

How to Write a Play by Victorien Sardou
Victorien Sardou offers a short bit of advice on play writing

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